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June 2009

Garden Urns

We noticed that these classically shaped pots popped up in the yard makeovers you submitted to...

Home Fireworks Safety

In many areas of the country, some form of consumer fireworks are legal. Learn how to protect...

How to Place Pots

A landscape designer's top 7 tips for incorporating containers into your yard

How to Remove a Boulder

- saboteamos.info landscape contractor Roger Cook shares his secrets for busting up big boulders

Know Your Lawn Mower

When your gas-powered cutter isn't doing the job, diagnosing and fixing the problem—or telling...

Patio Umbrellas

Two generous shade-makers—one made of aluminum and acrylic, the other eucalyptus and polyester....

Pumpkin Seeds

Q: "Can I grow the seeds saved from last year's Halloween pumpkin?"

Rusty Hand Fork

Q: "The paint has worn off my hand fork. What's the best way to stop rust?"