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August 2017

All Norm, All the Time

Can't get enough of TOH master carpenter, Norm Abram? Watch him in action right here, any time...


Get your old house ready for the season with pro tips and ideas

Colorful Ceramic Knobs

Revamp plain cabinet doors or dress up drawers by changing out plain pulls for hardware that puts...

Fall Upkeep

It's still warm enough to make some major upgrades! Button up your house for the cold season with...

Healthy Home

Combat germs and be well during cold, flu, and allergy seasons

Holiday Home Prep

From cleaning to decorating, everything you need to make sure your house is picture perfect

How to Manage Rain Water

Rain barrels, rain gardens, and rain gutters equip your yard with features to prevent pesky...

Inside Interior Doors

Shopping for a paint-ready interior door can be confusing, since you can’t see what’s underneath...

Labor Day

Celebrate the last weekend of summer in style. Everything you need to have a staycation at home

Rustic Kitchen Revival

Original features mix with modern upgrades to give a 135-year-old family home the new, larger,...

Spring Upkeep

All the spring home maintenance and gardening tips you need to know as DIY season kicks off

The Apprentice Diaries

Watch as the Generation NEXT apprentices discuss the tips and techniques they've learned from the...

Upgraded Garage for $291

Faux windows and a clever paint job give this garage a look more fitting for its turn-of-the...

Water Hose Buying Guide

Washing the dog, watering shrubs—no one hose can handle every task. Shown, the three types every...