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Air locking drain?

Our kitchen sink won't drain properly. It is a double sink, the two sinks drain in to one pipe which then goes to the P trap. Then that goes to about a 3 foot pipe that kind of runs horizontal then it hits a tee and goes down. There is a vent in the long pipe after the P trap. Now, when you dump alot of water down one sink real fast--like pulling the plug--it will start coming up in the other sink. Then SLOWLY start draining down. If you have the plug in one side and run water in the other side it will barely drain, and it blows bubbles up the side with the plug in it. We have taken the pipes off at the sinks and they are clean. Now if I take the vent out it drains fast, but then pukes water out the hole where the vent was. It seems if I loosen the vent a little it helps some, but still not good. Liquid cleaners don't do anything. Any ideas????? Thanks.

Re: Air locking drain?

It sounds like your vent is clogged or improperly installed. The other problem may be the tee it really should be a wye connection.

Re: Air locking drain?

those mechanical vents have a useful service life. have you tried a new one?

Re: Air locking drain?

Thanks guys. Yes, I did put a new vent in. The other kicker, is we have been in this house for almost two years, and it didn't do this when we moved in. Baffled.......

Re: Air locking drain?

I've just had the same issue.  Changed the vent, but that didnt solve the issue.  I snaked the pipes, about 25 feet (7.5 m) and it cleared.  I guess debris builds up over time.  If anyone else has this issue, give the snake a try!

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