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Backsplash - Tile/Drywall Transition

I was wanting to know if anyone knows of a way to transition from a tile backsplash (tile mounted on 1/2 inch Cement board) to the 1/2 inch drywall wall. Do I simply overlap the space between the edge of the cement board and the drywall edge with a tile? Or...is there a better way?

A. Spruce
Re: Backsplash - Tile/Drywall Transition
A. Spruce

If the backer board is flush with the drywall, it should be taped with fiber tape and thinset, then yes, just lay tile over the transition. If the backer board is on top of the drywall, then tile manufacturers make special bullnosed tiles and trim pieces to make the height transition from the backer to the drywall.

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