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Re: Breakfast Nook (Table & Bench) Plans

Keep in mind that I once flat lined and was brought back to life. The journey between gave me a whole new perspective that few understand. Hard to explain to people……….. Some have attributed the change to all the brain cells that were lost……… Could be I guess but I wouldn’t trade it.

Carpe Dium!

All the best to you with your project.

......Okay, they came to my room to tell me that dinner is ready. Cabbage Rolls tonight! Pie for desert!

Re: Breakfast Nook (Table & Bench) Plans
A. Spruce wrote:

What the ...NO you can't do that!;):p

You might instead consider either a shelf under the bench, or a hinged seat to access a storage area under the bench.

Keep in mind that anything above the seating area will need to be above the standing height of the users or else you're going to be bonking your noggin every time you get in and out of the nook. Rather than incorporating the shelf into the seat back, how about a shelf at roughly the top of the doorway (6'8" from floor )? The only way I can see your plan working is if you have a back on the bench that is 12" or so deep, so that the display items are above and behind the head instead of over the head.

From the looks of things, I suspect that you're also going to be hard pressed to fit more than benches in what looks to be a 4' wide nook, not if you still intend to walk through there as well. You figure the benches will be a minimum of 12", add to that the leg room needed to scootch around the table AND the width of the table itself. There won't be any walkway left and probably no room for extra chairs either. Unless there's something I'm not seeing in the picture. :o:p

Yeah, thought about the hinged lift up seat. I kind of liked the challenge of making a drawer :-P

The space between the door moulding and the corner is 4 ft. I figure I'll make it symmetrical and go 4 feet on the other wing. I'm not realistically thinking I'll get two people per side of the bench. Just one person on each bench, two chairs, for a total of 4 seats. I figured the top of the bench would be flat about 4 inches out from the wall, then the back of the bench would be beadboard and go down at a slight angle. There wouldn't be a lip or anything to bonk the noggin :D I haven't very well thought this out yet. There was an awesome picture of EXACTLY what I wanted in the magazine article for bold colors in small spaces. That booth is identical to what I want to build.

We'll see what happens after the darn floor and counters and back splash get installed. I'm swimming in a sea of demolition right now!

Here's the link for what I'm wanting it to look like!

Re: Breakfast Nook (Table & Bench) Plans
NEC wrote:

... Pie for desert!

SEE! It's statements like that... well, they just set me off!!!


You really can't leave peeps hanging like that.

Ok, I'm in my 40's... that make me to old for the likes of the word "dude" or "peeps".

Thanks for the good wishes, I'll need them!



PS KCPumpkinStalker,

Watch the videos at the FH link I posted as well. He goes over drawers (Does EVERYTHING with screws, but it seems to work).

Best of luck!

A. Spruce
Re: Breakfast Nook (Table & Bench) Plans
KCPumpkinStalker wrote:

Here's the link for what I'm wanting it to look like!

That's still going to be a tight squeeze. When you get closer to building it I'd recommend setting a card table and four chairs in the area and see how well it all fits. That will be a close approximation of your finished nook furniture.

Rich - I'm with you on the pie thing! Thanks for the laugh! :p

Re: Breakfast Nook (Table & Bench) Plans

Thanks for the uh...nook porn Rich. I hope my mom doesn't read this :p

Looks good though, I dig the jig sawed rounded edges on the end pieces.

Thanks for the reality check Spruce. Way to shatter a childhood dream! Just kidding...but I am waiting on a fiance to move her crapola into my house, and I'm hoping her kitchen table will work here and be small enough. When it gets closer to plan time, I'll remember this thread and pop back in with some more pictures and ask some advice!

Re: Breakfast Nook (Table & Bench) Plans

It was Apple, Granny Smiths I do believe............ Or, it may have been Lemon?...........

Back in my room....... Life is good!

Hey though. I did this project in my own home years ago and visited about 20 old churches to figure out some pews for a profile.


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