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Brick Patio

Several years ago, maybe 10, when I was young and stupid, I laid a patio using brick pavers. If there was a mistake to make I made it. The patio is 20' by 30' and I would like to do it correctly this time. Do you think it can be done in segments, like 10' by 5' then next to that another 10' by 5' and so on? Treating each area independently, or do I have to pull the whole thing up and lay it out in one big project?

Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Re: Brick Patio

You can do it a section at a time, but you are going to be MUCH better off if you remove it all and properly prepare the base, then re-set the entire patio at once. This will insure that your base is completely level across the entire patio, whereas doing it a section at a time may result in each section being ever so slightly off level from each other, which you will notice, and it will bug you ;-)

Re: Brick Patio

I agree with "talonts". As the sections settle you might be unable to make this a level and good looking patio. Take your time and do the entire patio at once.

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