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Bulkhead Door

Hello. I hope somebody can help me on this forum. I have a hatchway to the basement. Bulkhead door desperately needs paint job. Existing paint is peeling, rusting. I'm looking for step by step instructions on how to fix this problem. I could have paid professionals, but I want to be able to do it on my own (with your help :-)

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Re: Bulkhead Door

Search under "paint" and you'll find a lot of answers to you questions.

Can you take the door down? if yes, take it down and do the sanding outside.

Re: Bulkhead Door

1- Scr-ape away the loose and powdery material
2- Optional - sand down the rust
3- Paint with Rustoleum HAMMERED paint (be sure its hammered) OR Hammerite (from England)
4- Enjoy your door

Re: Bulkhead Door

The important parts are to remove all red rust everywhere no matter how hard it is to get to, and to use the proper primer made specifically for steel.

Brownish rust can be left but must not be powdery at the surface, this means only that you don't need to see shiny steel, only that the surface must be free from dusty with the brown being ingrained with the steel. Once covered, brown rust will not deteriorate further but red rust will no matter what you put on top of it.

It may make the job a lot easier if you can remove the door(s) from the frame. If it wasn't too tough to do I'd disassemble everything so that no surface anywhere went uninspected or unpainted. Done this way once, further painting should not ever need full disassembly but rust can hide there if you never do this. Being covered by another part that paint will never wear once applied.

Wire brushes from toothbrush sized to the usual big ones can make the [email protected] work easier in places and eliminate the need to sand in tough-to-reach areas. Sand or wire brush all areas you'll be painting so the primer will have something to bite into- leave no existing paint shiny. Use a good alkyd enamel oil based paint aftyer the primer is dry. Best to choose a lighter color if the door sees any sun- dark colors will get hot enough to burn you in full sunlight. Watch for areas that rub or have paint wear over time and touch them up as needed to keep rust chased away and maximize the time between full paint jobs. Then be proud of your efforts because you did the job the right way!


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