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Buying our first home....Help!

My fiance and I have put in an offer on a home, which was accepted. We just had it inspected and were told that because our house is located in the bottom of a 'valley' (There is a house on the hill on two sides of us, and all the water runs directly towards our desired home), there is a significant amount of water damage to the pavement in front of the garage. The home is 11 years old, and there is no sign of water leakage in the basement yet; but the inspector advised us that we will need to tear up the pavement in front of the garage, re-do it and install a drain. In addition, we need to install special siding to the sides of the house to prevent any damage from pooling water.

My fiance and I have no idea what this could potentially cost us. We are planning to ask the sellers to come down a bit on their asking price to help us cover the cost of doing this (These are just two of the major issues; there are a number of other smaller things that we also have to worry about, like the deck, etc).

Does anyone have any earthly clue what ripping up pavement and installing a drain in a driveway could cost? (Even ballpark).

My fiance and I looove this home, but are seriously concerned now about it's location since our inspectors visit. It seems we will have no way to know what time could potentially do to it, and we are in New England; so there are tough winters, with a lot of freezing, etc.

Any help/advice is appreciated.

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Re: Buying our first home....Help!

i could write for an hour about this topic regarding my thoughts on purchasing a home which could have potential future water damage and my experience dealing with customers, friends and family that have been in similar situations. i'm a contractor, real estate agent and a home inspector. i'll keep this short and i'll expand on a particular topic if you would like me to but here it goes......don't buy that house. even though you might love it you're investing alot of money for a place to live as well as an investment. think of it this way. if you had that same house in 4 diferent locations and all were for sale as a stock, like in the stock market, would you invest in #1 the one on a major street with no potential water issues, #2 the one on a nice side street in a great neighborhood with no potential water issues, #3 the one in a bad neighborhood with no potential water issues, #4 the one at the bottom of a hill with evidence of past or future potential water issues......i'll go with #2.....you have to look at this as a 50/50 issue.....50% a house you love in a nice neighborhood, 50% an investment in your future....why pay $400,000 for a house that will cost you another $50,000-$100,000 over the next 10-20 years in unexpected repairs due to an issue you had some knowledge about before you bought it. wouldn't you rathe spend that money on a kitchen, bathroom, basement or addition......please do alot more homework beofre you commit youself.

Re: Buying our first home....Help!

Thank you for the response, it is most appreciated. This is certainly difficult for us, as we are a young couple and this is our first home purchase. So naturally we have a lot of questions, and sometimes it is difficult to get a straight answer from people such as our real estate agents.

Thank you again for your suggestions and help. This is something we will definitely take into consideration. We have had concerns about it's location for a while now.

Re: Buying our first home....Help!

Hopefully your offer was subject to an inspection and you can get out of it. A nightmare for your first home would sour you against ever owning again.


Re: Buying our first home....Help!

All good answers for you. Never go into the water if you don't know how to swim.

Re: Buying our first home....Help!

There was a home next to ours that had horrid foundation problems underneath their deck. Hence, there was significant water damage in the basement, molding, etc. They were originally going to ask for around $200k, but had to eventually settle for close to $110k. The house was eventually bought by a flipper and changed out. She said the water damage lingered far too long.

My advice: run away from any home that has issues with water damage or foundation...even if they're very tiny.

Re: Buying our first home....Help!

Hey, have you gone made that despite of being so many problems you still thinking of buying this house, not a good to pay for the trouble.

Re: Buying our first home....Help!

My advice would be to abandon this purchase opportunity and to look for an equally lovely but less costly house. Please bare in mind there could be more hidden problems with this house around the corner, all with potentially more costs associated with them.
You and your fiance deserve a good start with your new house: keep looking for better options!

Re: Buying our first home....Help!

Here is what would worry me here. The claim is that the water problem has been bad enough to erode the pavement in front of the garage but not bad enough to send water into the garage itself or into the basement? I would have trouble believing that if this were me.

I don't know how the garage and basement are constructed or what they look like inside so I can't say definitively. But at minimum, I would bet good money that a significant amount of water has also made it under that garage door at some point. Most garage doors are sealed well enough to keep falling rain and wind debris from making its way under there, not to hold out flood waters. Not every garage needs a sump pump but if this one didn't have it that would be a tick mark in the negative column for me.

I would be highly suspicious of concealed water intrusion. Inspectors do miss things and people can do quick rennovations to hide that sort of thing before putting a house on the market.

Re: Buying our first home....Help!

We purchased a home in what we called a "dell" years ago and although we didn't have any major damage (thanks to two powerful sump pumps) we would not buy in a dell again. A major storm will eventually happen and most likely town waste water drains will fill up and then you are swimming...

Re: Buying our first home....Help!

Andover, just a hint:

Look at when the OP was posted before replying. It looks rather unbecoming to reply to posts long ago settled!



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