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Choosing foundation for tiny home

Hello all!
I'm currently exploring the idea of building a tiny home (16x24) in the northern region of Vermont or New Hampshire. We would like to have indoor plumbing, but deciding on what kind of foundation seems to be our biggest road block. We are trying to keep costs to a minimum, and originality planned on a pier foundation. Than I realized that freezing water main or septic inlets and outlets to the home is an issue. Can a home in this climate be put on piers and still have water and septic?

Re: Choosing foundation for tiny home

You can. But if you do, you should look at putting all your plumbing together. A single wet wall should be used for the kitchen/bath/laundry so you can box in all the water and drain/waste lines together where they go into the ground. Insulate the box and provide a little heat to keep the pipes from freezing.

If you go this route, you will also need to insulate your floor and provide some type of finish for the bottoms of the floor joists.

Re: Choosing foundation for tiny home

You need more research and planning. I would build it the way most homes are built in the area.

You don't change a building system that has worked for generations.

Re: Choosing foundation for tiny home

Do check with the local folks for advice, but with that small a space I'd be thinking a full perimeter foundation might do best. If you choose that, use foamboard to insulate it from the ground and waterproof the outside while it's easy. It might cost a bit more now but if the pier foundation ever gives trouble- and that's not unlikely- then it will have been worth it.


Re: Choosing foundation for tiny home

You might want to research the "tiny house" movement. Most of these are built off mobile trailer chassis. You might research how they are handling water and utilities. Also, the RV industry has what are called "Park Models". these are units that are kept just under 400 feet and remain on mobile chassis to avoid zoning and tax regulations. So long as the tonque is not removed, they are not considered traditional housing. They do have conventional household toilets, tubs and such.

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