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clumpy lawn

My back lawn looks great from a distance, but up close you can see that it's clumpy and uneven. What's a good way to level the yard without tearing up all my grass? Also I've noticed that right up next to the house gets almost no sun and the ground is always damp so I've got moss growing in the yard. what can I do about that?

Re: clumpy lawn

Try overseeding your lawn in early fall. I have also done it in early spring. You an rent a slice seeder and do it yourself or, hire a lawn care service to do it. As far as the moisture in the lawn area, is that area lower than the others? Areas next to housed sometimes tend to be lower than the rest of the area. Try building that area up with topsoil and the replanting the grass. Grade away from the house.

Good Luck

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: clumpy lawn

you can get a lawn roller which you fill with water to weigh it down to tow behind you when you cut the lawn with the garden tractor. don't cut the lawn when the ground is soggy but you don't use the roller when the ground is bone dry and rock hard either. this will help even out the lawn where you say it is clumpy. change the direction and paths you use to mow the lawn and tow the lawn roller. you can rent or buy an aerator and also spread thin layers of sprinklings of composted manure a few times a year. these efforts will take time to show improvement but it can help to even out a clumpy bumpy lawn.

the moss might be shade issues also the drainage problem in that area you mentioned, that requires more work, and might require to tear up the lawn in that area, depends. also the pH level might need to be adjusted with soil ammendments.

a lot depends on your soil type your location and the type of lawn you have.

Re: clumpy lawn

Thanks for this info. I have a neighbor who is experiencing the same thing. I will pass on your suggestions.


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