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Compacted sandy soil

I have a section of lawn with very poor root development due to compacted sandy soil. It currently has around 50% coverage of grass. I had a crabgrass attack this summer, so I know there is seed waiting to germinate in the spring. I THINK my choices are:

1) Aerate and add compost now, with grass over-seeding in the spring. The new grass will be competing with the crabgrass, but adding Tupersan might work

2) Add a layer of compost and over-seed now, and hope the grass comes in thick enough to choke off the spring weeds. I can add organic material over time, to help with the sandy soil, and aerate next spring

3) Any other ideas?

Rodney H
Re: Compacted sandy soil

Fall is the best time to reseed a lawn,until mid September, depending on where you live, because there is no competition from weeds.I live in Minnesota. Do what ever you have to, so you have pretty good seed to soil contact. Add a good quality lawn fertilizer, so the lawn can get a good start this fall. You will have to water pretty regularly, like every single day, until it germinates. Our local horticulturist just had a column in last weeks paper about this very same thing. There are new kinds of crabgrass grass killer available, that will NOT kill new lawn seedlings, so be sure you get that applied in the spring. Crab grass is an annual, so you will only get new plants from the many seeds that are in the soil.

I just seeded some new lawn, on very sandy soil, so I know exactly what you are experiencing. Just be sure to keep the seed moist. Using a good compost over the lawn before seeding, will help with germination, too. You might even try using some straw mulch, so the ground remains moist. Don't use road ditch hay, because that has far too many weed seeds in it. I experienced that many, many years ago. Crab grass has to be the worst possible lawn weed, but the new crabgrass preventers sure do a great job, if applied in time.

Best wishes with your lawn.

Re: Compacted sandy soil

I would add compost & maybe some screened topsoil and till it in & seed now. Use a pre-emergent crabgrass preventer like Greenlight in the spring before the forsythias go out of bloom.

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