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Concrete in a brick pattern for focal point?

Hi everyone,

I've been renovating an 80 year old home I purchased last year and have made my way to the kitchen. My question, is it possible to use a vertical concrete stamp to make a brick pattern and have it look real? I have both entry walls that are large and currently unfinished drywall.

Instead of buying thin brick and spending $1400 I was considering a concrete stamp idea mainly because the bottom exterior of the house is brick and needs to be resurfaced. Kind of trying to kill two birds with one stone and save money but I want the kitchen to look really good. Thin Brick I know would work but will concrete?

Re: Concrete in a brick pattern for focal point?

Stamping concrete is a dirty job. Do you really want to use it indoors?

Talk to some concrete contractors in your areas for advice.

Re: Concrete in a brick pattern for focal point?

Look into using Stucco - Cut Brick.
Install light weight lath scratch & brown brown coat should be the color of the selected mortar joint.
When this has set hard apply a thin coat of the joint color than apply the brick color when it is at a point that you can't leave a finger indentation cut joints.
Cut horizonal joints than Vertical joints.
Joint cutting should start at the top of the wall.

Re: Concrete in a brick pattern for focal point?

What you are referring to is Decorative Vertical Concrete. It is gaining popularity in both commercial and residential projects. It is also a DIY project for a capable person. As mentioned by the previous person, this is a version of stamped concrete and it takes some skills. There are actual brick stamps for vertical stamping. Here is where I go form this type of project.
This place can provide materials for what you are looking for including the colors which are important. I remember I had questions and they were able to answer them easily.

Re: Concrete in a brick pattern for focal point?

Yes, it is entirely possible to use concrete to do this. It can be a DIY but is not quite as easy, start and stop and a laminate brick. The advantage is that you do not have to settle for a brick if you feel stuck. You can stamp about whatever pattern you choose. For 1/2 inch or so, you can choose a vertical concrete mix found locally at a concrete supply house or on the web. I have used tru pac several times(google it) made from a company downstate from me. It is considered a carving concrete mix so it has potential for more than stamping but it will do what you want. Now you just have to choose a brick pattern and that same outfit can help you out there as well.

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