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connecting power cord to new dishwasher

i took out my oul dishwasher out and had an electical cord to it and new one is hard wired, i took the old power cord off and connect it to the new one the new one has no ground wire to connect to. but it has aground wire connect to the machine. can i use it to connect to the power cord?

Re: connecting power cord to new dishwasher

Your description is unclear, but let me tell how it should be.

If there is a flex coming out the wall, it should have 3 wires: hot, neutral and ground. You can identify them by the colors. You connect each wire to the appropriate wire in the new dishwasher. Ground is required.

Re: connecting power cord to new dishwasher

I'll assume you mean that the old dishwasher had a power cord that plugs into a wall outlet (probably under the sink).

In the connection box under the new dishwasher, there will probably be a green screw. Connect the green (ground) wire from the power cord to the green screw in the connection box.

Be sure to use a knockout clamp (aka loom clamp or romex clamp) to securely hold the cord, you don't want to put stress on the wire nuts.

Re: connecting power cord to new dishwasher

There is a video about that very subject on Ask This old House and if you can't play it on this website then try and look for videos and the - saboteamos.info videos both - saboteamos.info and Ask This Old house are on the same page. Looking for colors on a plug are important but sometimes there are no colors to guide you. Richard Trethewey guides you in how to install the plug the right way. Good luck to you!

Re: connecting power cord to new dishwasher

yes, connect the ground wire of the cord to the metal of the DW. There should be a ground screw close by. If not you can add one or use the metal clamp method described above.

FWIW we put plugs/cords on all our DW installs.

Re: connecting power cord to new dishwasher

first thing's first you have to make sure your appliance is earthed lest you risk getting a quick afro there.

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