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Corian vs Granite

Planning to replace my countertops and can't decide which product to use. I love the look of a seamless sink. I have been pricing Corian & Granite and there doesn't seem to be much difference in price in my area. I heard some horror stories about granite...can stain, needs to be sealed. I'm torn. I don't want to put in granite just because it looks more expensive. I cook a great deal and spend much time in my kitchen. Would appreciate hearing your pros and cons. Should I consider quartz?

Re: Corian vs Granite

I have used and worked with all three products (granite, solid surface, and quartz). All three are excellent products provided you buy quality and not price. Granite that is done properly with a good finish to it is not as much of a problem as the engineered quartz people like to make it out to be. Heat and chemicals break down the sealer on granite. I recommend to my customers using trivets and cutting boards (even if granite is highly heat resisistant and scratch resistant) to maintain the integrity of the seal coat. Sealing granite at home is not a big deal either, if you can clean windows you can seal your granite; spray on, wipe off. Solid surface is warmer, softer and has a totally different look. Engineered quartz is also an excellent product although many times does not have the movement or depth of granite.

If you do your homework on the suppliers and installers you are looking at to make sure that end of the job is done properly, all of the products you listed are good choices. Some are more heat resistant, some more scratch resisistant than others, but if you use cutting boards and trivets this becomes trivial. Buy what you like the looks of.


Re: Corian vs Granite

I think granite would add much more value to your house, and increase resale value.

Re: Corian vs Granite

corian is basically a dense plastic. I'm not a big fan but do understand how people can be attracted to what would appear to be a seamless top. (they usually aren't seemless but made to appear that way) they scratch easy, put a hot pot on one and it is instantly ruined. and will in time date a house the same as as harvest gold appliances or gold and white laminate tops with a metal edge band. granite every piece is unique, heat won't hurt the top at all. use it for a cutting board and ruin a good set of knives. (always use a wood cutting board) pastry chefs like granite or marble to roll out their dough because the stone stays cool and doesn't stick to the surface of the stone as it will to other surfaces so less flour is needed when working the dough keeping it closer to original recipe. and no matter how hard others try they can't duplicate the natural colors and grain that come in nature, everything else always looks second rate.

Re: Corian vs Granite

I would think that granite would be your best option. Nothing is indestructible ad each have advantages but from a resale and the over all look and appeal you can't beat natural stone.

Depending on the sealer type its a once a year application... Go out to each that day to a nice restaurant.

Re: Corian vs Granite

I agree w/cjsand. Even if there's little price diff. in your area the added value is almost double for the finish. More resale value.

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