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Cork Flooring protection

Two issues. I will appreciate responses to either or both.

A friend told me that a friend of hers had a beautiful cork floor installed, but when they put two coats of polyurethane on it as directed all the seams curled. That's pretty scary! The salesperson told me to do just that! So do I urethane or not?

Second question. What's the best way to handle putting the flooring down where the fridge is then moving it back without damaging the soft cork? I was told that Home Depot had a gizmo for doing just that. Seems that something that's used all the time in the kitchen must have a method.

Re: Cork Flooring protection

Or perhaps that's why you don't see many cork kitchen floors. Just because something can be done does not in itself make it a good idea :eek: If the fridge has wide wheels that may not be a problem; they used to sell special 'dollies' for this so I guess they still do, but using them raises the fridge so you may hit the upper cabinets now, rendering this idea useless. As to the finish raising the edges, if all was done as per the flooring manufacturer's instructions to the letter, it's their problem. If not, someone did something wrong. If the manufacturer couldn't get it right the first time, chances are the second time won't be any better and you're out the labor costs regardless, so if you're determined to go ahead then hire an experienced contractor to do this floor completely, and get a full guarantee- materials, labor, everything- in their warranty. Then hope for the best.


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