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Crabapple offshoots

Does anyone know a remady for the up-shoots or off-shoots from a Crab-apple tree we have--other than constantly pruning these things?

Have been told any thing else will kill the tree(sounding more & more appealing each time I need to "prune").


Re: Crabapple offshoots

Other than replacing the tree, you're going to have to prune. Keep in mind that you are in control of how your tree looks as you prune it. When you remove the apical/top bud of a branch, the all growth regulators are stopped and invasive growth on the lower buds will happen. So make sure to prune where you want the branching to go. It is harder to explain but I hope this all makes sense. Many species of crabapples will tend to form invasive vertical watersprouts and suckers at the base. Really, it is the matter of finding a cultivar that does contain those attributes.

Re: Crabapple offshoots

you could try "sucker stopper".

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