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a deck on the ground

:p How much wood and how do I build a deck/patio on the ground? I am trying to put my kids pool up. The pool is 12'x36" round. My yard is super unlevel. I wanted to build a retaining wall but digging in pure rock is too hard for me.

I think I will build a deck on top the ground for less digging and It would be nice to have a landing from when they get out of the pool.

I plan on doing it about a 14'x14' square patio/deck. with it being 3 foot high on one corner and the oposite corner would be on the ground with a post in the ground to stableize it.

I am trying to save the money for the material and get advice on how much of stuff I need.

Thanks for your help. ;)

Re: a deck on the ground

What I did to level my unlevel ground for our 12' diamer by 36" high above ground pool is.

1. Figure out where the pool is going.
2. Build a big sand box. Make sure the edges are strong enough.
3. fill to 1" from the top with sand and level.
4. Put down Landscape fabric. This allows water to go through it.
5. Put up the pool. Ours is the Intex inflatable ring variety.
6. Brick around the pool up the edge of the "sandbox". So your bricks will be up against the edge. Make sure and leave a few inches around the pool, do not put the bricks right up to them as the pool will rub on them.
7. Add kids and enjoy!

This way when the kids come out of the pool they are on the bricks. For us I placed it right beside the deck so the kids go from house to deck to pool and not on ther grass! No grass tracked into the pool! :) Friend use a tub for their kids to wash their feet in.

Re: a deck on the ground

If you want to build a deck theire are several free deck design tools online, here are just 3

and as stated above a solid frame sand filled and leveled would be an option.

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