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Dehumidifier Size

My 8 year old portable dehumidifier that has been in my 1000 Sq. Ft. basement has finally died. I am happy to have gotten 8 years out of it, but am curious what size replacement I really need. We don't had walls that weep or standing water, just dampness.

From looking ******, it suggests I need about a 30-35 pint/day unit. We never knew how much volume it could extract because we had the hose go into the floor drain.

Any suggestions on size, possibly on brand?


Re: Dehumidifier Size

They're expensive, but Santa-Fe by Thermastor are built specifically for crawl spaces and unheated basements - more efficient at lower temperatures.
Other than that, if you want to go cheap, any dehum from walmart that's rated for that pintage (word?!?) might do you good... but probably not for 10 years!

Re: Dehumidifier Size

I have had a 45 pint per day for 800sq. foot basement, only use it in the spring , summer, and fall to keep moisture at 50%, I have had 2 kenmores, and 2 haiers from walmart, none of theses lasted past 1 year, I had one kenmore last 11 months and got a free replacement because the compressor locked up , and the haier from walmart lasted 6 months and the replacement lasted just past the one year warranty was up. I never set the humidity too low so they were not worked to hard. The one I have now is a fridgidaire from lowes 60 pint I got on sale, so far it has made it past one year, hopefully it will still work in the spring when I plug it back in. Good Luck ! 8 years is a long time for a dehumidifier, they sure don't make them like that anymore!!!!!

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