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Detach and Reset an Alcove marble tub?

We had to do some renovations to an upstairs masterbath room due to water/mold damage. During the remediation, they removed the Marble tub and it is now sitting on its side in the bathroom. We were told by our tile guy and a plumber that they would not recommend using that tub. we were told once its moved around and bent, that it could cause spider like cracks later on and result in leaks. The actual water damage was in the shower wall opposite the tub. The shower and tub are side by side, but the shower head (where the damage is, was between the bedroom and shower wall. Our tile around our tub matched the shower and they removed everything!
:(:( I just want to know if what they are saying is true. We really didn't plan on having to buy an new tub and don't think the insurance will fall for it. They are only paying for the detachment and reset, not a replacement tub.

Re: Detach and Reset an Alcove marble tub?

Are you talking about the tub or the tub surround?

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