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DIY'er Project Management Software/App Recommendations

I'm an experienced and confident DIY'er, but my usual DIY projects involve some back of the envelope planning and a lot of on-the-fly modifications.  However, we recently purchased a home on Whidbey Island in Washington's Puget Sound and are planning a major DIY remodel.  However, due to limited on-island resources, my usual DIY modus operandi  is going to cut it.  Having never tackled a home improvement project of this scope, I’m looking for project management software/app recommendations to help me efficiently plan and [hopefully!] minimize the trips to the hardware store (or even worse, off the island!) to get something I forgot or didn’t think about (or just to wander the aisles attempting to solve a problem that I should have figured out earlier in the process.)  Any recommendations?  Thanks in advance!

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