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Exterior door directional limitations

our 1940’s cottage has a front porch which has been closed in probably 30 years ago. The porch floor is pitched for run off but because of this the exterior door can only swing out, which has limited us for door options. I want to replace the door with a new more secure exterior door and add a storm door, but it’s impossible with the floor pitch.  What are my options if any?

Re: Exterior door directional limitations


How does a slightly pitched porch floor, have anything to do with an inward swing door? If the floor of the house is also pitched, that needs to be repaired first. Our house has the same thing as you want, an inward swing door and an outward swing screen door.

I don't undersatnd how you are limited in your selection of a door.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

Re: Exterior door directional limitations

The door will not swing in because the floor is pitched. Obviously if I fix the pitch I can then install the door to swing in, but that would require me to replace the entire floor.  Any other suggestions?

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