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Fiberglass Doors better than Wood Doors ?

Despite their beauty wood doors are often prone to problems that vary from warping, sagging and routine maintenance. Fiberglass door, on the other hand, have the genuine look and feel of a wood door without the head-aches. They do not chip, warp, rot or crack and don't require periodic painting. In addition, they are lighter so they're easier on the hinges and don't sag after time. What do you think..is this better or should we stick to the traditional wood.

Re: Fiberglass Doors better than Wood Doors ?

After seeing the fiberglass benches in the park, a few years after they were installed, I don't think that a fiberglass door is a good idea, no matter how good you think it is, particularly for exterior purposes.

Re: Fiberglass Doors better than Wood Doors ?

we install fibrebglass doors all the time now.. for almost 3 years. they perform better thermally than vinyl or steel doors.. and yes look much nicer.. they can get scratched easily though but most companys making them provide a touch up kit

their much more expensive than vinyl or steel but waay cheaper tha solid wood.. on average they run about $3000 or so for the custom ones we order. wood doors can get upwards of $40,000.. 7 years ago i had to install a $35,000 cherry door. it was 42" wide 7' tall 2 " thick with 18" sidelites both sides and about 800 lbs.. so it took 9 guys to get it off the truck and in the hole

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Re: Fiberglass Doors better than Wood Doors ?

now that's a door. what did it go to, a medievel dungeon?

Re: Fiberglass Doors better than Wood Doors ?

We install only fiberglass doors at coastal locations. Steel doors will rust in a heartbeat. Fiberglass is the only thing that lasts with salt water.

Re: Fiberglass Doors better than Wood Doors ?

it was on a 8 month remodel/ addition on the home of the cat who owns the major lumberyard here.. labour alone came in at around $600k. we didnt supply materials as the homeowner was paying for it at his cost

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