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Stephen Schaller
Flagstone walkway
Stephen Schaller

I have just had a flagstone walkway installed. The flagstone consists of a combination of flagstone, installed over an existing concrete slab and "cap & pour" construction installed over an existing flower bed. The cap and pour section got wet and it looks like a veneer is blistering and a thin layer is flaking off. Also, the color wipes off of the "stones". I haven't completely paid for the project yet. Is this common and should I get the contractor to fix it (can it be fixed?). Thanks.


Re: Flagstone walkway

What kind of stone is used and was the walkway sealed with a sealer? Remember this keeping moisture away from concrete or stone is very important. I have used an internal sealer for concrete to stop moisture and a top sealer for stone and it will not change the look of the stone or concrete.

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