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frozen water pipes

we put in a new laundry room with the pipes & drains in a 2ft wide by 9ft long over hang area. (see photo). we wrapped the pipes & drains in pipe wrap & used fiberglass insulation in the rest of the area & even put a rigid insulation between the ground & the overhang.... it still froze. not sure what to do next ?? some things i thought of as a next step are:

.. is wrapping the pipes with a heat tape an option? if so, is there a fire hazard ?
.. we may be able to run a new heat duct off an existing duct to the area that contains the pipes & drains. i know nothing about heating systems. if i run a new duct into such a small area (2x2x9) cause problems??

this is a very frustrating situation we have gotten into so any input you can provide us will be greatly appreciated. thanks!!

Re: frozen water pipes

Water pipes should be on the warm side of the room.

Timothy Miller
Re: frozen water pipes

Hi consider having a heating contractor out to bid installing a duct into the cavity. The biggee is stopping outside cold air infiltration into the area. Insulating foam to isolate the cavity that the plumbing is in helps to stop air intrusion. Is there any way to plumb from inside the old wall?

Re: frozen water pipes
canuk wrote:

Water pipes should be on the warm side of the room.

Ditto that.

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