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I was wondering what the different color switches mean on my fuse box. Like for instance my fuses for lights and outlets are blue. My washer machine is red... what do the colors represent?

Rodney H
Re: Fusebox
Rodney H

Fuses and fusestats are all color coded, indicating the size of them. For example, the blue fusestats are 15 amp, the red are 20 amp, and the green are 30 amp. In the bottom of the holder, it will be the same color, showing what size fusestat to use. That prevents putting larger fusestats in their place. The old style, larger fuses are interchangeable, which is not always good, allowing people to over fuse things, creating potential problems. You will not be able to put a 20 amp fusestat into a 15amp holder. You have fusestats, the way it sounds.

Hope this helps.

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