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Green Halloween ideas?

Making your own Halloween decorations? How else are you making sure that you have a safe, healthy, and green Halloween this year? Share your ideas with other - saboteamos.info readers here.

Re: Green Halloween ideas?

Instead of using a plastic trick or treat bag that gets thrown away, why not use a cloth/canvas bag that can be reused another year?


Re: Green Halloween ideas?

Or you can even use the canvas bag for grocery shopping when only buying a few items. Then you can use it through out the year. With 3 or more kids, that is 3 plastic bags saved when shopping.


Re: Green Halloween ideas?

Instead of buying a Halloween costume, make one at home with items laying around the house. You can recycle old clothes into a costume.


Re: Green Halloween ideas?

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Re: Green Halloween ideas?

Decorate your home in Halloween styles. its looks horny & Romantic. The above ideas about Halloween are gorgeous.

Re: Green Halloween ideas?

Lol, I don't think I'll be decorating my home in halloween styles all year round buddy!....I guess it might be ok for Goths, but I have a wife and 6 year old who might object! :)

Re: Green Halloween ideas?

Go as a mummy. You can just use tissue to wrap around yourself. You won't need to spend much for a costume.:D

Re: Green Halloween ideas?

Here's an idea:

Get a decent size pumpkin from a local farm. Your helping to support local growers plus it'll get the family out of the home for a couple of hours.

Make a jack-o-lantern out of it. Careful with knives of course, but you could do any number of designs from a complete artsy image drawn on to a wild carving.

Keep the seeds, roast them to make a tasty treat. The pumpkin becomes your decoration outside on your stoop, the seeds become a treat and when the season is over, the pumpkin becomes a fertilizer.

Look ****** for the roasting seeds directions... I unfortunately can't post links yet but I love pumpkin seeds!

Re: Green Halloween ideas?

Use old clothes and make a Halloween costume out of that instead buying a new one. That’s my idea of a green Halloween.

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