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Timothy Miller
Re: Hardwood in Kitchen?

Ice make lines broken when moving refrigs also a great way to ruin hardwood in kitchens. Think tile in the kitchen and hardwood adjoining it in other rooms. The best of both products...

Re: Hardwood in Kitchen?

That still presents the problem of aching back, and legs, and feet, from standing on tile Timothy.

Timothy Miller
Re: Hardwood in Kitchen?

so many trade offs in life....

Re: Hardwood in Kitchen?
pammylbear wrote:

We had hardwood in our kitchen in a home we owned 17 years ago. It had a Swedish finish applied in place. The floor was okay, in my mind, until I dropped my KitchenAid mixer on it. It got a big ding. We have tile now, but I think if I was to do it over, I'd go with linoleum or vinyl again.

I wouldn't count on linoleum or vinyl to survive the impact of a KitchenAid mixer. Even assuming it landed in such a way that it didn't make a cut or dent in the linoleum, it's heavy enough that it could dent the particle board substrate.

And of course, ceramic or porcelain tile would also shatter in such a situation.

Best advice: Get whatever floor you love most that works best with your lifestyle and your budget, and then do not drop your KitchenAid mixer on it! :)

Re: Hardwood in Kitchen?

My vote is for wood. You can always refinish it, and it is one of the rare materials that looks better with age, even as it gets dings and cracks. But that's just my personal preference. Good luck with your remodel!

Re: Hardwood in Kitchen?

What I used was marble, It is easy to clean but it is a little expensive.

Re: Hardwood in Kitchen?

white oak is a winner in my opinion

Re: Hardwood in Kitchen?

hardwood is good in kitchen. especially with how the open concept in homes is so popular. I am having wood installed in my kitchen and look forward to it! Hardwood is timeless! Good luck!

Re: Hardwood in Kitchen?

I grew up with wide pine floors in the kitchen. They gain character over the years and need refinishing every decade or so, but we didn't have any water problems with 2 boys and 2 cats.

As for dropping a 50 lbs block of steel in the form of a kitchenaid mixer on your floor and not getting a dent, let me know when they invent a material that can withstand that. Solid diamond flooring, perhaps. No wood or tile will survive that test, and I bet even vinyl will get cut by that. Instead consider a spring-loaded lift for your mixer when storing it under your counter top, securely bolted to prevent such accidents.

Re: Hardwood in Kitchen?

I've got hardwood in my kitchen, it's white oak. It's still fairly new, we had it installed about 5 years ago. We haven't buffed it or used a poly formula on it, but it still looks great. I use an oil-based pledge floor cleaner on it about once a month. After a quick wipe down with warm water it looks brand new everytime! We do have to be careful though to not drop anything heavy on it and clean up grease messes as soon as they happen. Pretty comon in front of the stove, but that's why we have about 3 rugs in the kitchen. one in front of the stove, one under the sink and one under the fridge. Lots of spills happen there :/

We had linoleum that was installed in the 70's. It was an eyesore and had torn up spots everywhere. I don't think we'd ever go back to it.


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