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Heat Lamp Blower vs Exhaust Fan

Both of my bathrooms have dual Heat Lamp with Blower and Exhaust functionality. I never know when to use one or the other or both.

It seems silly to run both blower and exhaust as you're sucking out all the warm air that the heat lamp puts out. But say you're taking a shower...do you just put the exhaust fan on after you're done? My roommate only ever uses the Heat Lamp with Blower and I feel that isn't going to get the moisture out of the bathroom.

Re: Heat Lamp Blower vs Exhaust Fan

Use the heat lamp if needed. Use the blower with each shower and a little time after.

I had a similar situation where a lazy roommate flicked the switches on every time the bathroom was used. The problem was solved by moving the order of switches so just the light and fan were turned on and not the heater.

That was far easier than an argument, re-training, or standing there with a hickory stick.

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