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Help with a leaky downspout

We have a leaky downspout, and I'm not sure what to do to replace it. Basically, it's connected to the roof gutter but there is also a tube from the condensation pump that discharges into the downspout. Even when it's not raining I hear a drip-drip-drip sound. At the elbow there is a joint that connects the downspout to a larger tube that flows out into the alley. Could someone walk me through what we need to do? The connection from the elbow to the larger tube looks odd to me. It would seem that it should be flipped because it seems that it would cause water to have to go uphill and might be the cause of the leaky downspout. Any advice is apppreciated.

I'm going to try to post some pictures below and also attach them if the images don't work. Thanks in advance!

Re: Help with a leaky downspout

That downspout adapter was made to be vertical, not the wsy it is used here. Take all of that out, and put a plastic elbow on the end of the plastic pipe. I imagine that does leak. Or at least turn it over and put the rectalgular part on the top.

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