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help understanding replacement windows

House is wood frame construction with brick siding.

I want to replace the original windows, but preserve the same viewing space in the windows.

My understanding is that replacement / insert windows end up shrinking the viewing space.

Am I correct about the replacement / insert windows having a smaller glass area than the original windows?


I asked a window sales guy why I couldn't go with new construction, and he said I would have to take the brick off.

Why is that?

Re: help understanding replacement windows

If you want to keep the same dimension of glass, then keep the same windows and maintain them.

Why are you asking a sales person? Their job is to sell you the product, no matter what it takes.

If you want to know for certain about the amount of glass that make up the window, read the tech spec sheet and compare the measurements with your current windows.

Do you really expect any one of us to know what you are even looking at? In comparison to what you currently have.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

Re: help understanding replacement windows

How can a vinyl window be maintained?

Are there applications (liquids and such) to recondition it?

Re: help understanding replacement windows

There are many ways of replacing and maintaining the window. You can do this either by ahndling this over to some professional contractor or else can consult them for som useful tips.

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