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Home Inspector Chester County PA

Our daughter is purchasing a home built in 1901 in Chester County PA. We know it has sagged and pretty sure we know why. But, we want to hire a home inspector who has a lot of knowledge about older homes. We have looked ****** and looked at the realtor recommendations. Wondering if anyone has recommendations for who would be good as well as anyone who we might want to stay away from. Ginger

Those below came from the realtor....

HouseMaster - we read this is a franchise and are not sure if this is a good or bad thing.

Boro Home and Building Inspections

Reliable Home Inspection Service

Real Estate Inspections

Re: Home Inspector Chester County PA

For sagging and other structural issues I think you would be better off consulting with a structural engineer.
They could give you an idea of what is needed to fix it even if the engineer doesn't spend the time and money for a design, although if they go ahead and buy it, it would be money well spent for a fix.
Then consulting with a contractor about the fix could give you an idea of the cost. An engineer might have a ballpark price for a fix.

Re: Home Inspector Chester County PA

Since the contributors in this forum are from various areas, we can't endorse any of the ones you mentioned.

I think the an old time general contractor can help you. In California you know who's "old timer" (by his license number). I'm sure there is a way to find out the same thing in PA.

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