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Pete B.
Horsehair plaster, stripping and painting
Pete B.


I just steamed wallpaper off of our horsehair plaster in our bedroom.

There was an extra decorative strip of wallpaper next to the ceiling that had a kind of white
vinyl coating under it. The white vinyl is still mostly there. It looks like it would be very difficult
to remove that vinyl coating. Right now it's mostly smooth, but it's not uniform with the majority of the wall surface that had no white vinyl on it.

What should I do so that the wall surfaces will all look uniform when painted?

Should I apply anything that covers all the walls before painting?

Thanks a lot, Pete B.

Re: Horsehair plaster, stripping and painting

It sounds like you have encountered a border which was glued directly to the wall with border adhesive. Unfortunately, border adhesive, which resembles Elmer's Glue, was not intended to glue borders directly to the wall, but to glue borders on top of wallpapers which had a plastic coating. Prepasted papers or papers with cellulose glue or clay based glue would not stick to plastic.

Border adhesive is not particularly water soluble and is very difficult to remove. I would probably seal in the adhesive with with the original oil based Kilz, then even out the roughness with drywall compound. I would then spot prime the patched areas and finally prime the whole room before painting. I am assuming that your walls are smooth wall and not textured.

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