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kitchen renovation

I'm new here. I just bought a ranch style house, built in 1952.
I am sure kitchen is original and one owner home.
Cabinets are wood, fortunately, but will need paint. First, I have to clean walls, cabinets etc. Amazing the type of buildup in a kitchen with no exhaust fan. Ok, approx size is 12' x 12'
three doors, door outside, one to dining room and one into hall.
I have moved the stove (40" Gibson elec) out of the corner cabinet into it's own space on a wall. The wall cabinet there though as notches cut out of the bottom because the refrig was there and I moved it to the other vacant wall. I have access to some cabinets that were removed from a house similar in age.Since i'm painting everything anyway as long as they are in fairly good shape, should be ok. The cabinet over the stove is 21"H...would it be best to leave that one there and cut off the "notches" or put up another a standard cabinet that is 15"H over the stove? Then on the wall where the refrigerator is located, i've put it in the corner and it leaves approx 36" base space (wall vent limits space) and approx 54" of wall space.
I'm thinking if I put a 36" base beside the refrig and then maybe a desktop/counter top only beside that (wall vent would be under) If I didnt do the counter top, would it look bad to have just wall cabinets that extend longer than the 36" base?

I have pics of the kitchen but cant seem to add to this post.
Also, the house has hardwood floors throughout, which I love. They will eventually need to be refinished. The kitchen floor is built up a little and I had hoped to find hardwood under this linoleum that must come out. Once I moved the stove and pull up some subfloor, there are hardwood
under !! Of course major refinishing there. I'm on a really tight budget, so I'm doing everything myself. Except for the electrical, I have a friend that has moved the stove outlet and is putting in some new outlets....no outlets at all along the counter top.

Re: kitchen renovation

It's a little hard to decipher what you are asking and with no pictures it's almost impossible. Might I suggest you go to and download the kitchen planner. It's designed for Ikea cabinets but may help you in your layout.

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