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Lead Insert

I have a toilet on the ground floor of my home that was installed with a lead insert that passed down through a hole in the slab to a 3 inch drain pipe. Over time the insert has fallen apart and now you can't fasten a flange down to it, so of course the toilet rocks and leaks. I have removed the lead insert to discover there is a four inch drop through the slab to the PVC drain. The hole in the slab is is small enough that there is very little wiggle room. I cant get a fitting through the hole to attach a PVC flange. Short of starting to break through concrete, anybody got a solution?

Re: Lead Insert

Not exactly sure what you need without a picture but Raven plumbing products sells a 6" long closet flange street (inside hub) and regular (over pipe) in abs or pvc with stainless steel ring. You would still probably need to hammerdrill holes in the floor and use blue screws made for cement(sorry name of screws escapes me).


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