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Mail area

Would like a few idea's for a small mail area. I have a 8'wall that I would like to turn into a mail area. The front door opens onto it but there is room for a small 6'table no wider then 12" to 15". I would like this to be my mail area. I have shelves to put up and have bought the word MAIL to put on wall. I have 4 family names that come here, need separate boxes for them plus our own. Would like to paint wall and have a cute but necessary wall for mail. I am always putting mail everywhere. Am tired of this would like just one area. Please let me know if any one has ideas on what would look good but practical. Thanks

A. Spruce
Re: Mail area

I would go with a decorative table and furnishings. For the mail get yourself some decorative baskets or desk trays and label them with the appropriate names.

Re: Mail area

I agree with the prior posting. A nice decorative table will make for a great appearance in your entry way. A silk plant and some simple baskets for the mail could organize the space but also be decorative enough so as to be functional and aesthetic.

Re: Mail area

Maybe you could mount small storage cubes to the wall for each individual; kind of a sorting station. You can probably find something at Ikea (they're on the internet too) or a container-type store. You could paint them different colors if you like, and stencil their names on them.

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