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Making Cedar Shakes?

We have a really dated large sunroom that while not visually appealing is in good stuctural shape. The previous owners installed it from a kit, basic white "faux wood" siding (sorry don't know the name) with dark brown aluminum trim and windows. We priced replacing the entire structure but it would cost us $30,000 to get a newer version of what we have. Not only is that out of budget but we also want something more visually appealing. My hubby came up with the idea of covering the siding on there now with cedar shakes cut to size from long cedar boards. We can't find cedar shakes locally and the cost is too much ******. I picked up 10 cedar boards, 1/2" thick X 5"wide X 8' long, from Home Depot at $2 a piece to try out. Dh wants to cut and overlapp like premade cedar shakes. The panels that we will cover are not all the same size so we will cut the shakes to fit each panel overlapping as we go up the wall. I think this will look great combined with replacing the door and two broken window panes. (THanks hurricane and kids.) However, is there some reason this will not work? Anything we need to know before starting? The boards I purchased had more vertical grain than horizonal since I read it warps less, correct or not? The sunroom doesn't have much of an overhange to protect the cedar but we plan on letting it age slightly and then sealing.

Re: Making Cedar Shakes?

Here's a handy demonstration of how cedar shakes are split from the block.

Re: Making Cedar Shakes?

Wood shake roofs and sidings, as attractive as they may be, are now history in many parts of the country.

The reason? fire hazards.

Check your local code at the building department or fire department.

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