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Moisture on the inside window


I recently remade the outside windows for my dining room stained glass to protect it from the elemets.... i.e., a storm window. I live in Minneapolis, MN, and the humidity here today is ~90%. 

I just noticed that there was condensate on the inside window, on the stained glass side, between the stained glass and the outside storm window. There are three window pannels which are seperated from eachother, and this is the only window that has it. I know there is some leak between the wood and the stained glass window, as when I did not have the storm windows, water seeped in between the window and wood. Now that the storm windows are up, the area between the window and siding is cauked, and sealed, I'm wondering if this condensate is because of the air that was sealed between the two windoes, and going from the inside of the house to the outside? It's a stucco house, and we've not required to use the AC in the lower level, so I don't beleive this is an AC issue. Is this worrisome, do I need to redo anything ?


Thanks in advance for your advice. 

PS. really love the show!!!



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