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Odd Battery Operated Tool

While rummaging through the tools my Dad left me , I came A across a hand held measuring tool with the Words : Met-L-Scan trade mark and on the other side the Words : SNAPIT . It is a pistol Grip tool with a a rotary On & Off Switch in red , and a white plastic knob like a watch stem . It has a red light that turns on when you turn the rotary switch . Does anybody know what it is made to measure or test ? It uses a Standard 9V battery in the grip.:confused:

Re: Odd Battery Operated Tool

Could it be a metal detector?

Re: Odd Battery Operated Tool

I just ran across the same item today in my (old tool) toolbox ... I would have bought it about 35-38 years ago, best I can remember.

I bought it to use as a stud-finder; specifically, it can find where the nail heads are, in a painted/textured area of drywall.  But it takes a lot of scanning.  (If you ever actually found a couple of nails, and therefore a stud, you were probably just confirming what you were already pretty sure of just by tapping/listening to the stud cavities).

I'm testing it today on unpainted / exposed drywall in the garage ... using the two dials, you can set the sensitivity level so that the light comes on when (and only when) you are scanning over a nail head.  (With the sensitivy turned up all the way, the light will stay on all the time!)

I'm impressed that mine still works after all these years ... and that the 9V battery, though it registers 0V on my tester, didn't leak at all...   but I can't recommend the gadget in this day and age.  (Like I say, it was very hard to use even in its day). (I hope you weren't waiting since 2008 just to hear this assessment!)



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