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Open floor plan, move kitchen to next room

:)Our kitchen is presently in the center of the house. Kitchen/dining room. Very large room. We had a new roof put on and in the contactor put in a beam to hold the bearing wall, added skylights, and a wall of windows. At the moment the room is not being utilized, and we want to move out kitchen ( flip it ) to this room. It has a cement floor, which is lower, and I thought of raising it to meet the level of the rest of the floors. And under the floor could run heating, plumbing and gas lines. Is there a way to do this in stages. the ceiling runs from the windows up. So the wall we would be taking out is opposite the windows. Have great cross ventalation in the summer.

Any help would be appreciated.
Where do we start?

Re: Open floor plan, move kitchen to next room

If it were me, I'd call a plumbing contractor and an electrical contractor and invite them over to the house. Tell them what you want to accomplish as the end result. What appliances, type (gas/elect), what water and plumbing fixtures you're going to use, where they are going to be located, and what electrical needs you invision. Lighting, outlets above the counters, near the floor, special appliances, etc.

Get your design first and then figure out how the best way will be to accomplish it. Do a drawing to use in your discussion with the contractors. Once you get a final design done based on the abilities of the contractors, you might want to get two or three bids from plumbing and electrical contractors. Having a design and a spec will get you an "apples to apples" bid from each so you know you're getting everything the same and can compare prices easier.

Just getting bids based on discussions will give you a wide variety and ultimately the cheapest price may not include everything that the highest price did. Add all the things left out and the cheapest price may become the most expensive.

Get your design done first, then figure out how you're going to accomplish it.

Good Luck.

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