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paint tile?

Is there any way possible to paint my bathroom ceramic tile?
the awful green things are throughout the walls , and shower,even the toilet, sink, and tub are the ugliest green.This must have been done in 1964 when the house was built. Help!

Re: paint tile?

you can, but it would be better to start over.

Re: paint tile?


You can paint anything, the question is will it stick and will the end product look professional. I would generally concurr with Debby's answer.

Short of tearing eveything out and starting over, you might consider getting an estimate from one of the companies that specialize in re-finishing bath tubs and their surrounds. These outfits are using catalized synthetic finishes. No oil or acrylic paint is going to hold up to the hot, steamy environment of the shower area. If it were just the general walls, a good primer such as BIN (pigmented shellac) or Glidden's Gripper ( waterbourne) adhere tenaciously. A quality oil or acrylic enamel will then adhere well to them. However, unless you have the ability to spray these finishes, they will show obvious brush/roller marks.

You might consider getting rid of the existing green toilet, sink and countertop, followed by some creative color choices on the walls to lessen the effect of green tile. Avoid the red family of colors as complimentary colors will accentuate the green. A greenish gray color might work. White curtains and accessories would tie into the new white toilet and sink.

I have never understood why people commit strong colors to relatively permanent items such as tile and countertops. Styles come and go, but such items are messy and expensive to replace. Neutral colors and textures might not be "in", but they will never be "out". The same thing occurs in such things as appliances. I wonder if several years from now, stainless steel appliances will be passe?

Re: paint tile?

you could paint tile. i don;t know how long it will last in the shower though.

i would start over with all the rest

good luck

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