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Pedestal Sump Pump

I am preparing to purchase a pedestal sump pump as the emergency replacement / back-up for my primary sump pump. I currently have a submersible pump with an in-line battery back-up secondary pump.

My question is this: Which make / model of pedestal sump pump is the best?

I have a Zoeller submersible and like it very much so far. I've had a few recommendations for the Zoeller pedestal pump, but wasn't sure how it stacked up against Ridgid, Flotec, Utilitech, Waterace, etc.

On top of that, what size (1/3, 1/2 HP) should I get? I believe that my current sump is 1/2 HP and it handles the situation very well. (Our sump fills with water through out the year, and the pump runs roughly every 10 - 30 mins.)

I know that Ridgid and Flotec offer a model with a lifetime warranty. Are these worth the extra money?

Also, I've heard pedestal pumps will use less electricity due to the ability set the pump / float to allow for less frequent cycling. Is this true?

Thanks for your help.

Re: Pedestal Sump Pump

I understand you need a secondary pump, just in case the main pump fails, because as you state, your Zoeller is handling the job pretty well.

In that case, I would suggest a battery operated backup sump pump to work with your primary pump. A Cast Iron 1/2HP Zoeller is a great pump, and will probably serve you well for many years. However, keep in mind that the same kind of storms that has the potential to overwork the pump, also have the potential to cause power outages and render the best pump in the world useless.

Some tips: look for one that has a battery specifically designed for the job to make sure the battery will work when you need it. Stay away from pumps powered by marine batteries because not all of them can withstand long periods of being unused.

Re: Pedestal Sump Pump


Thanks for your response. I already have a battery-operated backup sump pump.

Thanks for the tip and the link. Do you know which make / model of pedestal sump pump is the best as a primary pump?

Re: Pedestal Sump Pump

We tested every sump pump in the market and we really favor the Zoeller.

Our best system has a 1/3HP as primary, a 1/2 as secondary and the battery backup sump.

Here's a couple of videos Larry Janesky put together, comparing different types of pumps you might find useful.The second one actually examines different components in each pump.

Re: Pedestal Sump Pump

Thanks again CyFree. I'm sold on your recommendation of the Zoeller, but I'm now curious if I'm doing the right thing...

I don't believe that my sump will accomodate 3 pumps, as you describe in the ideal setup. So, my plan was to replace my submersible pump (which runs every 10 - 20 minutes) with a pedestal pump, keeping the battery backup pump in place. I have read, and was told, that a pedestal pump is the proper pump to install in my scenario, with frequent pumping demand. This theory sounded good, as I could then adjust the float setting to the maximum 10 inches or so, nearly doubling that of the submersible's floats run. Buying me double the time between pumping. So far, so good...

That said, after watching your recommended videos, I watched a different YouTube video and read the comments; one of which stated that pedestal pumps are no good and that only submersible pumps should be used. The statement was made that pedestal pumps break all the time because they only have air to cool them, not the water which submersible pumps can utilize.

What are your thoughts on this? Thanks again.

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