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Pet Houses

Our pets deserve the best of the best, right? Show us the creative and elaborate play structures and houses you've built or used a contractor/architect to build for your dog, cat, bird, hamster, or other pet.

Don't forget to post photos, and your project may be featured on saboteamos.info

Roger Miele
Re: Pet Houses

However, there are several things you need to consider in building an abode for your cat. Some of these are:


You can choose to build an indoor or outdoor house for your cat. Both has its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages. But ultimately, your cat's personality as well as your preference should determine your choice.

For example, a cat who likes to cozy up indoor is not likely to welcome a new place in the outdoors. The same thing is true with cats who virtually lives outdoor. Another primary concern should be safety. If you have to place the cat house indoor or outdoor, then make sure it is in a safe area.


Interior design of the cat's abode is also an crucial factor you need to think about. It need not be lavish and extravagant. It only has to be cozy and well ventilated enough for your animal.

To make sure of this, I strongly suggest that you build a house that's a bit cozy. An abode that's too roomy will not serve your pet well during cold months and a house that's too small can be pretty uncomfortable for your pet. The house has to have just about enough space for your cat to move about.


If you are inclined toward building a house for your pet, then, build it yourself cat house blueprints should help you do the project properly and in no time at all. The plan should help you plan and prepare all the materials you will have to have. Additionally, you also avoid the headaches and frustrations that's ordinarily related with constructing things by having a solid guidebook to follow.

In picking the appropriate cat house design, you should make certain it has guidelines that's detailed and simple to apply. This is especially crucial if you happen to be a rookie builder. This way, you don't need to undergo the time consuming procedure of making your own plans. Believe me, it's really not well worth the struggle. It can be practically a experimentation process and you'll be misusing lots of time and resources as you go along.

Maybe you can choose any idea of materials pet houses from amazon, because I always find some unique materials from amazon to built it.

Re: Pet Houses

Having house for pet is a good one but for cat there is no need. In these case if it is a dog, it should be.

I like cat very much :)

Re: Pet Houses

Wish this thread caught traction, I've seen some cool pet houses out there.

I would still keep my guys inside the house with me :p

Re: Pet Houses

Once there was a guy who had a dog house wood shop in his garage, right next to a rental I have, but he is no longer there. He built really nice dog houses and did custom dog houses to match customers' exterior too. He had his products and catalog on eBay.

Re: Pet Houses

Alexg, The cat also needs own place. The cat likes to hide and sc****

Re: Pet Houses

My cat sleeps everywhere, besides her own bed)):confused:

Re: Pet Houses


Re: Pet Houses

I had build a small dog house.

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