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Pine floor refinishing problems

 I am in the middle of a remodel of a 1958 ranch style house in North Carolina. I had my pine floors, previously covered by carpet over plywood and black paper, sanded and refinished with satin polyurethane. That was in the summer. All during the winter as the weather got colder, the polyurethane started popping and splitting between the boards. I am assuming it was because the boards shrank as the weather got colder. Now I have gaps between the boards, sharp edges of polyurethane, and splinters poking in my feet as I try to walk across the floors. Is there any cure that anyone knows about for this problem? Or, as an alternative, is there anyway to re-strip the floors and make it so that these old antique pine floors can be usable?

Re: Pine floor refinishing problems

It sounds like the poly was installed too thick to start with. Fold a piece of sandpaper into and run it between the boards to cut the sharp edges.



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