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Receptacles not working

I replaced two receptacles in the kitchen several months ago. I had one not working immediately. I rechecked the wiring and everything is correct but I have a red wire in the box also. This receptacle is connected to a switch. The switch is working and the red wire is connected to this switch. Now the other receptacle I replaced is not working. I have replaced this receptacle with a new one and it also is not working. I have no idea what is the issue other than it being old wiring. I am confused and trying everything to fix this. Any suggestions.

Re: Receptacles not working

Sounds as though you may not have correctly wired things from the original connections.

We need to start at the beginning,

How did these receptacles operate before you changed things ?

Were both receptacles controlled by the switch ?

Was only one receptacle controlled by the switch and the other was live continiously ?

Was only one half of one receptacle controlled by the switch ?

Re: Receptacles not working

This is a wiring issue. You will need to remember how the original outlet was wired or called an electrician. Generally, the red wires are used for switch legs. You may need to "send" power up to the switch with one wire and "bring it back" with other. Generally, this is handled through the way you configure the "taps" in box holding the device. Unfortunately, when systems are wired this way (no fault of your own) they are more complicated then just connecting the black to black and white to white. Do you have a picture?

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