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removing flooring is leaving cabinets higher than specified

We live in a house built in 1920. The tile in the kitchen was awful. The cabinets and appliances are on top of this tile. As we began removing the tile, we can across cement board, and then old vinyl. We finally reached the original hard wood, and it is in great shape (just needing to be sanded and refinished). The only problem is that removing this flooring has left the cabinets and appliances about an inch and a half too high (there was 1.5 inches of flooring we removed around the cabinets!) Because we can't remove the tile from under the cabinets, we are left to decide whether or not to rebuild a subfloor and lay new hard wood or live with the cabinets being a bit higher than standard size. I love the original floor! but I'm also only 5'2". Also, what if we sell? Will people notice the cabinets are a bit high? Any input would be appreciated.

A. Spruce
Re: removing flooring is leaving cabinets higher than specified
A. Spruce

You being 5'2" will notice that 1-1/2" difference far more than a taller person. I'm 6' and find standard height cabinets a bit low and would welcome your higher counter height.

My recommendation is to do what makes you the most comfortable and happy, it is your kitchen, you're the one that has to use it every day. If and when the time comes to sell, it isn't very likely that anyone is going to notice the higher countertop unless you tell them (don't do that, by the way ) about it.

I's also like to share that counter height can vary depending on the type of cabinet installed and more importantly, the type of countertop installed. I have experienced cabinet heights from 35-1/4" to 36". Counter top thicknesses can vary wildly with Corian being the thinnest material at around 1/2" to butcher block or wet set tile which can be up to 2" thick. So you can see where finished counter heights can range from about 36" up to about 38". Your counters probably doesn't seem so out of line now, does it? :cool:

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