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repair old linoleum (sp?) floor

I'm broke due to a long chronic illness; but I live in a co-op apartment that requires me to pay for flooring, painting, appliances, etc.

The current flooring is 50-year old linoleum over concrete. It isn't ugly but it is cracking because it's dried out and brittle.

Best thing would be to replace all of it (3-room apt) with something like Marmoleum or a floating bamboo floor (no adhesives). I can't swing that re $.

BUT, there is one section, between the kitchen and the living room that has broken apart so badly I had to have a friend use duct tape so I wouldn't trip. This is not an acceptable solution. cI haven't tripped but when management sees it they will be quite unhappy.

Question: I was thinking/wondering if I could get someone to simply cut out the cracked section (about 2 feet by 4 feet) and "insert a section made from either marmoleum (doesn't outgass) or bamboo, both of which require no toxic adhesive.

Not sure it would work. Not sure who would sell me either. Not sure who would do the work. But I can't think of anything else. Am in Philadelphia and flooring places who are into green are quite costly.

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