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rugs in small apartment

I have a question about my small NY apartment living space. I heard that an apartment feels SMALLER with rugs. Is that true? If I get rid of my rugs and have just the hardwood floors, would the apartment feel any bigger?

Re: rugs in small apartment

The easiest way to answer your question is to take the rugs up and see what it feels like. I would venture to say it will seem bigger just for the simple reason that you won't have the rugs breaking up the space which will give continuity.

Re: rugs in small apartment

this is one of the areas that interior designers have great value. just as with many other areas a generalized statment may be true in some cases and not in others. there can be other factors involved in the final decision such as size of rugs and even color. color makes a big difference, for instance I do granite counter tops and when in a galley style kitchen using dark counters on dark cabinets can make the kitchen look like a dark cave. but this too can be limited by lighting and painting with light colors and light colored floor. so my suggestion would be to talk to a design professional and get their input maybe just carry some pictures of your apartment and they may offer some free advice in hopes of doing some work for you.

Re: rugs in small apartment

Minimalists see their homes spacier without a lot of rugs and furniture inside so I suggest use rugs in a minimal way. This will also save your time vacuuming and washing them every time they look unclean and stinky.

Re: rugs in small apartment

Color and light will affect the feeling of space far more than rugs. The perception of crowding will be increased by using larger rugs which will make the room seem smaller.

Re: rugs in small apartment

I've also heard that rugs make a small space appear smaller but they're very practical for protecting wood floors and providing comfort for bare feet, so I think you just have to be wise in choosing one. Personally, I think solid colored carpet remnants (as opposed to busy patterned rugs) and rugs in similar colors as the walls (low contrast) can make a space feel just as expansive as bare floors. As someone else suggested, the best way to know for sure is to try one out in the room. Good luck!

Re: rugs in small apartment

Rugs can easily accent any space. It depends on your use of the rugs and coloration patterns. Here are some easy tips to make any space feel larger ~ with or without rugs :)

-Accent your furniture instead of using too much accent furniture. In other words, choose a piece of furniture that will be the main focus of the room versus crowding a room with tons of pieces. Use a brightly colored couch or chair in a space and use the rug to highlight the piece of furniture so as the both go together.

-Light coloration: Light, neutral colors open any space. Lightly colored walls with a brightly colored accent wall can easily lighten a room thus making a room appear larger.

-Minimal decor: Modern furniture is usually lower to the ground and very minimalistic which can make ceilings appear higher and spaces wider

-Use of light: Windows (with minimal window treatments) easily allow for more light to open spaces. If you don't have windows, the proper use of lighting can make space seem larger. Try an accent lamp with a light shade or an uplight in a corner. This will make the room appear larger to the eye

Best of luck!


Re: rugs in small apartment

I don't think that rugs make small apartment space smaller. But if you think like this then in my opinion you can use round rugs that open up the space and make it seem larger.

Re: rugs in small apartment

For smaller spaces: As many mirrors as you can cram in there!

Also remember that rugs give some sound protection to and from tenants below, if that's a factor.

Re: rugs in small apartment

It is basically the kind of rug that is used along with the colors that decides how a room would look.*If a rug has to be used in a small room, we could try a non-textured solid or*lighter-colored*rug. Both will make a small room look larger. Conversely, darker rugs*will make a large room feel cozy and a little smaller.Size of rug too determines the look. If the rug is too big for the room it can look like carpeting,but if the rug is too small,it will look like a floor mat. As a general rule area rugs should be a minimum of six inches away from the wall and no more than two feet away,giving it the look of a rug.

Re: rugs in small apartment

One thing for sure, bare floors make the room more acoustically alive. Sound bounces off the walls and floor unimpeded. This can actually make trying to listen to TV a little difficult.

Your downstairs neighbors will appreciate the carpet too. Bare floors transmit every foot step or dropped item to the folks down below.

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