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Severe sump pit / perimeter drain issues

Hopefully, someone has experienced something similar to what we are going through, because three plumbers, one home inspection company, and a sewer specialist company could not find the problem. 

We recently bought a home that has a basement and a sump pit. The sump pit has a terrible smell that has taken over the entire house. We were told that we needed a new sump pump and that would drain out the stagnant water in the pit, that was inaccurate. After multiple video scopes of all lines, we found that the perimeter drains that feed into the sump pit are completely full of water. The water coming from these lines smells terrible, so it seems this water is stagnant and has been in there for who knows how long. It looks like there was heaving in the basement at some point and this may have caused the sump pit to lift. Based on the video scope, it looks like the drains that feed into the pit were also lifted, causing the water to get stuck in the lines and preventing them from draining properly. The main issue is the smell. The water coming into the pit smells awful and when the HVAC is turned on it picks up the smell and spreads it through the entire house. 

A few questions I have are, has anyone dealt with something similar before? Is having water in the perimeter drain lines normal? Would lowering the sump basin also lower the drain lines so water can properly flow into the pit? 

One company told us that lowering the sump pit would also help to lower the drain lines and solve the issue. Another company said we need to dig up everything and replace it, $10k+ worth of work. After getting the runaround for almost a month, hopefully, we can get some proper guidance. 

Thank you in advance



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