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stripping kitchen cabinets

our tired cabinets and near by book cases have cracked and peeling varnish on them. I have tried many non toxic products to strip this off, no results, when I asked 2 of our large Home repair stores they say the only way is to use toxic highly flamable products and never in closed areas, it's winter and I don't like those, is there a safe clean smelling product available? The eating bar under the top is quite large and will :confused:require alot of work to get all this varnish off. HELP

Re: stripping kitchen cabinets

Have you called the manufacturers of the nontoxic strippers? I would ask them what's going on--why didn't they work, and is there anything they would suggest to make it work better.

A friend of mine used a soy-based stripper to remove the hideous pink paint a previous owner put on his Victorian mantelpiece. I can ask him for the brand name if you want. What products have you already tried?

Re: stripping kitchen cabinets

Use varnish & stain stripper it is quicker make sure you lay plastic down.

Re: stripping kitchen cabinets

I have circumvented this problem by stripping very small areas at a time. It takes longer, but you avoid the dust and health hazards generated by sanding. So, try doing 2 sq.ft. at a time wearing a mask, chemical-resistant gloves, and goggles. Put on a sweater and open the windows. The good news is that toxic strippers evaporate very quickly so there are no lingering fumes/smells like with paint.

By the way, I have documented my adventures with paint stripper at my blog: fiftieskitchenredo.blogspot.com.

Good luck!

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