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t shirt

Where can I get ATOH and TOH t shirts.

Re: t shirt

You check Ebay at all...Usually they have EVERYTHING

Re: t shirt

The web site had a store where all those t-shirts etc. couod be purchased but it is sadly gone.
Why did it go I dont understand!
Please web master answer our calls for THIS OLD HOUSE T-shirt and bring back those Silva Brothers yellow ones back.
If I would have known I would Have stocked up.

Web master..... Hello?..... Are you listening???????

The fans of TOH ,ASK TOH, And the Silva's and Norm and New Yankee are calling out!

Re: t shirt

dont bother trying to get a moderator to hear you. a few of the senior members have been trying to get them to fix things hear for over a year and to no avail. pretty sure toh just uses these forums to get filler for the magazine. they dont actually keep things running smoothly hear

Re: t shirt

Sadly I think you are correct:(
I dont get it.
I have always believed and told everyone I know that this web site is the best.
I think the standard for the web site is much different than the T.V. show.

Re: t shirt

sadly these boards are terrible, easily the worst one im on. there are several others where the moderators are right on top of spammers and other garbage within 30 minutes of it being posted. not to mention some posters in the past were nothing more than people reading a question then going on google to find an answer then cut and pasting.

Re: t shirt

You can always get one made up or find a store on the web, but not original. Shame.:confused:

Re: t shirt

What are some of the things you guys do with old T shirts?

Re: t shirt

Hey everyone: Just wanted to let you know that Silva Brothers Construction shirts are available through their website. About a year and a half ago I contacted Charlie directly and asked if I could purchase a couple and he was very helpful and allowed me to do just that. I suggested that he sell them because fans of TOH would love to wear them, and he said he'd look into it. Apparently he did!

Google Silve Brothers Construction (I'm unable to post a link) and you'll find the shirts and sweatshirts under "store."

Happy Holidays!

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